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X.Prof 040 Centella Asiatica

X.Prof 040 Centella Asiatica

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X.Prof 040 Centella Asiatica

20 x 5ml

Especially for: sensitive skin / post-treatment and irritated skin

Centella Asiatica Anti-inflammatory Repair Essence has a mild formula and low irritation, especially suitable for sensitive skin. Centella asiatica extract has the effect of promoting the healing of damaged skin tissue, soothing and repairing the skin; at the same time, it can help dissolve the bacterial film to achieve antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is recommended for post-treatment and home care. In addition, this active ingredient can stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the dermis, help reduce and smooth fine lines, and make the skin firm and smooth. This essence is one of the mesoestetic zero-bacteria essence series. The extraction process is carried out in a sealed sterile environment, and the whole process is strictly monitored to ensure that the essence is safe, pure, and zero-pollution.

Main functions:
. Low-irritation antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formula for sensitive skin. Promote the healing of damaged skin tissue, soothe and repair the skin. Stimulate collagen in the dermis to help smooth fine lines

Massage the essence onto the face and neck until fully absorbed without washing.

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