Refund and Exchange Policy

After-sales service

JK eShop is committed to providing customers with the most complete after-sales service. After customers purchase any products in the store or on this website, if they have any questions about product usage, quality (and smell, color), please feel free to call or email our store. Our store Will be happy to answer and follow up
For all the products purchased in our company, if there is any problem with the product and needs to be replaced, please email to
Product return method and rules
1. When exchanging goods, the product should be kept in good packaging
2. All products sold at the store must be exchanged in person at the store with the original receipt , please come to exchange after 2:00 pm within 7 days
Returns and exchanges are not accepted in the following cases
i) The product has been opened or has been used (except for product deterioration)
ii) The customer has a sensitive reaction to the purchased product
- If you are sensitive to the product you purchased, it may be caused by the customer's inappropriate use of the product. If the customer asks for a return, the customer must provide a valid medical certificate written by a dermatologist, proving that it is caused by the use of the product, and the customer must return to the store with the receipt within two weeks. The company will only provide return and exchange of goods, and will not bear any responsibility or related costs for this
3. Any free gifts, accessories and trial size gifts
4. Deteriorated product, but used more than one-tenth of its original capacity
i) The company guarantees that all products sold are genuine. If the customer finds that the product may deteriorate and requests a return, we will send the product back to the relevant manufacturer or agent for inspection and verification. If the product is identified as deteriorated, the company is willing to accept refunds, returns or exchanges
5. For returns and exchanges without reason (non-commodity quality problems), such as personal reasons such as buyers changing their minds, we can arrange exchanges after we understand individual circumstances and agree, but returns are not accepted
i) Exchange at the store: The original receipt must be presented and exchanged at the store within three days. If the buyer needs to mail, the buyer will bear the round-trip freight.
If it is found that the returned product does not comply with the company's return policy, it will not be processed. We apologize for the inconvenience. JK eShop reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters related to the handling of returned goods.
Transaction complete
If the customer does not have any application for product return within seven working days, it means that the product transaction is completed, and the store does not need to bear any legal responsibility, and will not arrange any replacement or refund
1. Our store will not be responsible for any problems caused by wrong or improper use of products.
2. The store reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel all offers or revise its terms and conditions without prior notice.
3. In case of any dispute, JK eShop reserves the right to make the final decision without objection