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X.Prof 020 Vitamin C 20%

X.Prof 020 Vitamin C 20%

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X.Prof 020 Vitamin C 20%

20 x 5ML

Especially for photoaging/dull skin

Vitamin C has high-efficiency anti-oxidant and whitening effects, which can block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and fight against photoaging; at the same time, it can decompose tyrosine?, reduce the accumulation of melanin and brighten the skin. It will also stimulate the release of protein? hormones, so that collagen hyperplasia, smooth wrinkles. This essence is one of the mesoestetic zero-bacteria essence series. The extraction process is carried out under sealed aseptic conditions, and the whole process is strictly monitored to ensure that the essence is safe, pure, and zero-pollution.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin C 20%

Main functions:
. Moderate the oxidative damage of UV to the skin. Prevent melanin accumulation. Stimulates collagen production. Replenish moisture to the bottom layer of the skin

How to use: Massage the essence on the face and neck until fully absorbed without washing.

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