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X.Prof 014 Organic Silicon 1%

X.Prof 014 Organic Silicon 1%

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X.Prof 014 Organic Silicon 1%

20 x 5ML

Especially for dryness/scars/stretch marks/cellulite

Bio-silicon is one of the important components of skin connective tissue, which can promote the combination of elastin, collagen, proteoglycan and glycoprotein. Effectively protect skin cell structure, regulate its metabolism, and repair damaged cells. The product can also be used in body care. By activating the message-transmitting substance (cyclic adenosine monophosphate), it accelerates the decomposition of triglycerides, restructures skin fibroblasts, and improves cellulite. This essence is one of the mesoestetic zero-bacteria essence series. The extraction process is carried out under sealed aseptic conditions, and the whole process is strictly monitored to ensure that the essence is safe, pure, and zero-pollution.

Main functions:
. Strengthen the skin connective tissue, protect the skin structure. Strengthen the ability of cell regeneration and restore skin radiance. Activate lipolysis, lighten cellulite and scars

How to use: Massage the essence on the face and neck until fully absorbed without washing.

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