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Mesohyal Post-procedure Gel Cream

Mesohyal Post-procedure Gel Cream

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X-DNA Collagen Repair Cream


Especially for combination skin/ oily skin/ seborrheic skin

Phyto Placenta Regenerating Cream contains the active ingredient that activates the natural regeneration of cells - Phyto Placenta. The plant placenta is located in the center of the young bud, which provides and stores a large amount of nutrients for the fruit; after extracting the essence, it can help promote skin cell regeneration, stimulate cell metabolism, and improve cell oxygen supply; at the same time, it can help smooth wrinkles and provide immediate firming effect, Restore elasticity and smooth skin.

Active ingredients:
·Plant Placenta ·Lecithin

Main functions:
·Improve oxygen supply to cells ·Promote skin cell regeneration ·Smooth and prevent wrinkles ·Instant firming effect

How to use: Use morning and evening after cleansing, apply evenly on the face and neck, massage gently until fully absorbed.
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