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Skin Balance

Skin Balance

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Skin Balance
30ml / 1oz

Building Screen · Stabilizing Muscle
Prebiotic Anti-Sensitive Skin Primer is an anti-allergic and strong formula specially designed for people with sensitive skin. By balancing the skin's probiotic barrier, it gently soothes the three major problems of sensitive skin: redness, burning, and itching. According to clinical tests [¹], it reorganizes the skin's probiotic defense function within 28 days and maintains a stable state of sensitive skin.

When the skin microflora is out of balance, various skin allergies will appear. The prebiotic anti-allergic skin foundation is specially added with prebiotic peptides to promote the reproduction of high-quality probiotics, inhibit the allergens that damage the stability of the skin, and build a healthy and strong protective layer. It is also combined with plant extracts-marine red algae, which cuts off the release of inflammatory factors from the source; aloe vera extract replenishes moisture for the inner layer of the skin, deeply moisturizes, makes the skin soft and smooth, reduces skin sensitivity, redness, swelling and tingling reactions, and stabilizes disordered muscles. bottom environment.

Active ingredients:
· Prebiotic peptide
·Marine red algae extract
·Aloe Vera Extract

Restructure the skin's healthy and strong probiotic defense layer
·Relieve redness, burning and itching of sensitive skin
Inhibit allergens and cut off the release of inflammatory factors
·Maintain moisture and stability of sensitive skin

How to use: After cleansing every morning and evening, take 3-4 drops and gently massage until completely absorbed

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