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Nutra Luxe MD®

Nutraluxe Lash MD

Nutraluxe Lash MD

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Nutraluxe Lash MD


The hair follicle life cycle is divided into growth phase, degeneration phase and resting phase. The longer the "anagen phase", the more hair grows and grows longer. Lash MD Self-Growing Eyelash Essence uses patented technology to prolong the "growth period" of hair follicles, so that the eyelashes and eyebrows produced are more and longer, reducing eyebrow shedding, and doubling the sense of beauty.

·Use it before going to bed at night, clean the face and eyes before use ·Unscrew the bottle cap and take out the brush head, use the brush head to apply Lash MD Self-Growing Eyelash Essence on the root of the eyelashes or eyebrows in the same way as eyeliner ·The essence on the brush head The dosage is enough for the upper and lower eyelashes of both eyes. To use on the eyebrows, just dip the brush head back into the bottle. The dosage is enough to apply to the eyebrows of both eyes. Use Lash MD Natural Eyelash Serum as directed ,Do not use on other body parts or change the dose Under normal circumstances, 3.0ml is enough for eyelashes for 3 months
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