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Hydravital Mask

Hydravital Mask

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Hydravital Hydration Magnet Mask


Hydravital Moisture-Locking Magnet Mask uses the moisturizing concept of "locking water outside and absorbing water inside" to provide ultimate hydration and repair for dehydrated skin.

The formula adopts high-end water-locking magnet technology, combined with sodium hyaluronate, so that water and keratinocytes can be closely combined to form a long-lasting water-locking net, which immediately improves the discomfort and roughness caused by dryness of the skin, leaving the skin supple and supple for a long time.
In addition, pansy extract, which has the reputation of "water-absorbing flower", instantly enhances the water absorption of cells, promotes and regulates the water circulation of the dermis, deeply moisturizes the skin, and creates plump and supple skin

Active ingredients:
-Hydromagnet (hetero-oligosaccharide)
- Pansy Extract
-Sodium hyaluronate

Main functions:
- Provides ultimate moisture repair for dry skin
-Forms a long-lasting water-locking network on the skin surface for long-lasting moisturizing
-Enhance the water absorption of cells and automatically adjust the water circulation of the skin
-Instantly soothes dryness and smoothes rough skin

How to use: After cleansing, apply evenly and thickly on the face, leave it on for 15 minutes and wipe off with wet cotton.
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