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Fast Skin Repair

Fast Skin Repair

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Fast Skin Repair


Especially for: Sensitive/Damaged Skin

Professional repair anti-allergic face cream has anti-swelling and redness-reducing effects, can improve skin allergies and discomfort, instantly soothe the skin, significantly reduce redness symptoms, help reduce skin inflammation, and at the same time enhance the skin's ability to repair itself, especially suitable for use Use after medical aesthetic treatments (cosmelan® pigmentation tracking treatment, deep peeling and laser treatment, etc.) to speed up skin recovery.

Efficacy Effectively relieve redness and inflammation and fight inflammation Long-term protection of fragile skin Stimulate cell self-repair and regeneration

Active ingredients Centella asiatica extract Borage essential oil Coenzyme Q10

How to use: After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, apply evenly on the face and neck, gently massage until fully absorbed, and reapply as needed.

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