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Hydra Factor K

Hydra Factor K

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Hydra Factor K


Contains special moisturizing formula to maintain skin moisture level and restore skin's ability to lock water. The product also strengthens the skin barrier function, neutralizes free radicals and resists other external pollutants, effectively preventing premature aging. Especially recommended for people with dry skin, it can restore smoothness and elasticity. This is a necessary product for cosmelanR pigmentation tracking treatment.

Active ingredients:
. Amino acid moisturizing factor. amniotic fluid

Main functions:
. Long-term moisturizing lock water. Strengthen the skin's natural defenses against foreign substances. Enhance skin self-healing ability

How to use: After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, apply evenly on the face and neck, massage gently until fully absorbed. If you need to strengthen moisturizing after medical cosmetic treatment, it is recommended to use it 3 times a day.
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