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Face Firming Serum

Face Firming Serum

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Face Firming Serum

Capacity: 300ml

Main ingredients: horsetail extract, licorice extract, bamboo and cypress extract, mimosa extract, carrageenan, glycyrrhetinic acid, water Qinggang

Main effects: This formula is based on the critical age factors of the skin: nature, genetics, hormones, etc. After the conclusion is reached, it is developed into a series of sub-products that provide deep repair for basal cells. Contains regenerative active function, which can promote skin metabolism, effectively fight premature skin aging, stimulate cells to rejuvenate, increase skin defense function, and care for your skin day and night. It is the real power and source of skin beauty.

How to use: Morning or night, apply this serum on the face and neck, gently massage until fully absorbed.

Remarks: It can be used in the morning or evening

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