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Nutra Luxe MD®

Nutraluxe MD Eyebrow

Nutraluxe MD Eyebrow

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Nutraluxe MD Eyebrow


Unique Anagen Prolongation Technology | Thick eyebrows in 4 weeks, imported from the United States and registered in the EU. Patented self-growth technology: Anagen ProlongationEYEBROW MD Eyebrow Essence uses patented technology to prolong the "growth phase" of hair follicles, making eyebrows grow more and longer, reducing shedding, so as to achieve natural, full and radiant eyebrows.

·Eyebrow MD Eyebrow Essence is only suitable for eyebrows ·Avoid contact with eyes when using ·Use every night before going to bed, thick eyebrows reappear in 4 weeks
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