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Glycolic Acid 10% + vit. E&F Ampoules

Glycolic Acid 10% + vit. E&F Ampoules

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E&F Revitalizing Intensive Essence

10 x 2ml

Especially for: enlarged pores / rough skin

E&F Peeling Deep Essence promotes the exfoliation of aging cuticles and helps reduce fine lines; at the same time, it can regulate oil secretion, reduce acne and blackhead formation, and achieve water-oil balance. Used before professional skin care treatment, it can improve the skin absorption efficiency, so that the effective skin care ingredients can penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin and strengthen the treatment effect. This essence is one of the mesoestetic zero-bacteria essence series. The extraction process is carried out under sealed aseptic conditions, and the whole process is strictly monitored to ensure the essence is safe, pure, and zero-pollution.

Active ingredients:
. Glycolic Acid 10%
. Vitamin E
. Vitamin F

Main functions:
. Promote the exfoliation of aging stratum corneum. Water and oil balance. Helps reduce fine lines
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