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Radiance DNA Eye Contour

Radiance DNA Eye Contour

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Radiance DNA Eye Contour


Especially for eye puffiness/eye lines

It is especially effective for eye puffiness caused by blocked lymphatic system and blood circulation. Its active ingredients can promote the drainage of lymph, eliminate the edema and congestion under the eyes, and provide a long-lasting and ultimate lifting effect for the eyes, and the eye lines and dark circles are also reduced.

Active ingredients:
. [meso] Gene recovery compound factor. Anti-edema protein?
. Horse Chestnut Extract

Main functions:
. Efficiently enhance the eye contour. Lighten eye lines. Improve the lymphatic circulation system and eliminate puffy bags under the eyes. Promote eye blood circulation, dilute dark circles

How to use: Use in the morning and evening, gently massage around the eyes with ring fingers until fully absorbed.
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