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Radiance DNA Night Cream

Radiance DNA Night Cream

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Radiance DNA Night Cream


Especially for under-contoured/fragile/dry skin

Contains SPF15 sun protection function, which can effectively block the sun's damage to the skin when used during the day. The [meso] gene recovery complex factor can stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin to proliferate collagen and hyaluronic acid, exerting the best performance in deep repairing and revitalizing the skin. It effectively strengthens the self-protection barrier against foreign substances, and at the same time significantly enhances the skin's elasticity, firmness and lightening effect, achieving plumpness and moisture.

Active ingredients:
. [meso] Gene recovery compound factor. Dimethylethanolamine. nano phospholipids

Main functions:
. Repair and activate fibroblasts, help increase skin moisture and stimulate collagen proliferation. Improve facial contours and enhance skin firmness. Strengthen the skin's defense against free radical damage. Effectively block UVA and UVB

How to use: For daily use, gently massage the face and neck until fully absorbed with lifting movements. It is recommended to focus on the cheeks, tiger lines and brow bone.
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