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Radiance DNA Night Cream

Radiance DNA Night Cream

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Radiance DNA Night Cream


Especially for sun damaged/under-contoured/fragile skin

Utilizing the cellular biological clock and its effect on the natural functions of the skin, it re-adjusts the metabolic system of skin cells and induces the release of genes in the nucleus, which can balance the activity and rest time of skin cells, and concentrate on repairing the damaged genes during the day at night, so that The skin is renewed and restructured, providing ultimate anti-aging benefits. Wake up in the morning with rested skin that looks plumper and firmer.

Active ingredients:
. [meso] Gene recovery compound factor. New anti-aging four wins?
. nano phospholipids

Main functions:
. Promote skin cell repair and improve damaged genes. Regulate cell function and delay skin aging. Strengthen the skin's defense against sun damage. Awakens skin for a radiant glow

How to use: use it at night, gently push it from the center of the face outwards with lifting movements, and massage until completely absorbed.
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