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Bruma Tonificante

Bruma Tonificante

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Probiotics Nourishing Moisturizing Mist

Capacity: 200ml

Active Ingredients:
Prebiotic ingredients such as gluco-oligosaccharides and kombucha, natural rice inositol (vitamin B8), and moisturizing ingredients such as butylene glycol and glycerin.

The main function:
Rich in prebiotics and moisturizing ingredients, it has multiple functions. Powerful moisturizing and activating, balances the microflora ecology to restore skin health, strengthens the protective barrier, improves the skin's water-locking and defense skills, and has a fresh smell.

How to use: After cleansing every morning and evening, close your eyes, spray a thin layer evenly on the face, wait for about a minute, let the active ingredients penetrate, and pat lightly to help absorption. It can also be used as granulated water or toner, sprayed on after makeup or when needed, to make the makeup last longer and to replenish skin moisture and energy.

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