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Brightening Complex Plus

Brightening Complex Plus

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Brightening Complex Plus

5.5ml x 4

For skin: early aging skin, dull, uneven skin tone

Active ingredients:
. water light vitamin c
. 15% L-Vitamin C
. Biological sugar gum. ferulic acid

. Powdered "Fresh Lock", activates powerful antioxidant protection for 4 weeks. Double dimension c synergistic effect, crushing melanin. Neutralizes free radicals and delays premature aging. Visibly improves skin radiance

. When using, mix vitamin C powder with whitening essence and use it up within 7 days.
. Use at night, gently massage 1 ml (about 1 pump) of essence on the face and neck until fully absorbed. Each can be used continuously for 7 days, 28 days as a course of treatment.

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