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B3 Youth Serum (Customer Size)

B3 Youth Serum (Customer Size)

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B3 Youth Serum (Customer Size)

Capacity: 1oz / 29.6ml

Moisture is an essential element of the skin, and the barrier function of the skin will lead to dry and dull skin. Egyptian sedge is a water plant that can grow tough no matter it is in a humid forest or a dry desert. Its stem cell essence can effectively enhance the skin's ability to regulate water regeneration and improve the balance of water and oil; with the special research technology, the first-generation stem cell essence, vitamin B3 and Sheng? Skin immunity.

main ingredient:
‧ Vitamin B3
‧Egyptian sedge plant stem cells ‧Sodium hyaluronate

Main functions:
‧Repel dry and dull skin ‧Promote skin moisture circulation and improve water-oil balance ‧Increase skin barrier function and reduce irritation

How to use: Please shake well, use it twice a day, after washing your face and lotion, take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the face and massage until absorbed.
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