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Anti-Aging Flash Ampoules

Anti-Aging Flash Ampoules

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Anti-Aging Flash Ampoules

10 x 2 ml

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in nature, because the fast-growing Bamboo helps Moso bamboo to continuously absorb the nutrients it needs and continuously repair itself, so that its self-growth speed is accelerated, and it achieves the effect of full nutrition and evergreen all year round. The fast-growing bamboo not only allows the skin to continuously regenerate itself, but also continuously replenishes the nutrients needed by the skin, making the skin instantly anti-wrinkle, restoring smoothness and elasticity, and regaining a youthful and youthful appearance.

Bamboo Essence has the effect of instantly enhancing skin tension. Its active ingredients can actively fight off facial fatigue, and immediately provide unlimited moisture to the cells at the bottom of the muscle, making the skin plump and bright. Its continuous self-repairing and firming effect can help smooth fine lines and expression lines caused by skin aging, achieve uninterrupted light-speed anti-aging, and quickly restore the skin's youthful appearance. This essence is one of the mesoestetic zero-bacteria essence series. The extraction process is carried out under sealed aseptic conditions, and the whole process is strictly monitored to ensure that the essence is safe, pure, and zero-pollution.

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