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Stem Cell 3d Complex

Stem Cell 3d Complex

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3D Stem Cell Cream

Capacity: 1oz / 29.6ml

Developed through patented medical stem cell cultivation technology, it finally solves aging skin problems and simultaneously completes the three major beauty effects of lifting, regeneration and brightening. Formulated with marine biotechnology, medical stem cells, and protein, it stimulates collagen to produce a tightening effect, achieving a lifting and firming effect comparable to laser beauty.

Applicable skin: suitable for all skin

Active ingredients: edelweiss plant stem cells, gardenia plant stem cells, sea fennel plant stem cells

Main functions:
• Brightening, repairing, anti-aging • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles • Improve muscle relaxation, enhance facial contours • Tighten skin tissue, improve wrinkles and rough skin from the root

How to use: Use in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount on the face and neck with fingertips, and massage gently from bottom to top. It is recommended to continue to use after laser, IPL and peeling treatments to achieve better results.
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