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Stem Cell 3D Hydrafirm

Stem Cell 3D Hydrafirm

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3D Stem Cell Moisture Locking Essence (Customer Size)

Capacity: 1oz / 29.6ml

It breaks through the ordinary stem cell essence and adds a variety of high-concentration medical plant stem cells to effectively repair the skin, and achieve ultimate lifting, regeneration and brightening. Combined with medical protein and sodium hyaluronate, it exerts a strong moisture-locking and tenderizing effect, making the skin moist and shiny for a long time.

Applicable skin: suitable for all skin

Active ingredients: gardenia stem cells, echinacea stem cells, lilac stem cells, sodium hyaluronate

Main functions:
• Awaken tired skin and restore luster • Tighten skin tissue, improve wrinkles and rough skin from the root • Improve skin elasticity • Deeply moisturize and lock water

How to use: Use in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount on the face and neck with fingertips, and massage gently. After the skin absorbs, you can continue to use other products.
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