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Collagen 360° Essence

Collagen 360° Essence

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Collagen 360° Essence


Specifically for lack of firmness/sagging skin

Irregular life routines can easily interfere with the biological clock of cells, causing the skin to lack enough energy to activate a complete protective function in the morning, and destroying the self-repairing ability of cells at night, losing a large amount of collagen and nutrients, causing the skin to sag and lack firmness. The 360° high-intelligence lifting essence contains mesoestetic special research ingredients-long-acting intelligent win?, activates the 24-hour long-term intelligent adjustment of the skin, automatically recognizes the needs of cells without interruption, fills up the lost collagen for cells during the day; assists cells in self-repair at night, and promotes intercellular interactions The tightness of the skin produces a cell lifting phenomenon, making the skin firm and lifting, and quickly improving the skin's sagging and sagging problems.

Active ingredients:
. Long-acting smart peptide. Marine Collagen

Main functions:
. Restores the biological clock of healthy cells, tightens and lifts the skin. Enhance skin firmness. stimulates collagen regeneration

How to use: Use in the morning and evening, gently massage onto the face and neck with fingertips until fully absorbed.
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