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Collagen 360° Eye Contour

Collagen 360° Eye Contour

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Collagen 360° Eye Contour


Especially for eye fine lines/crow's feet

An all-around eye cream for eye fine lines. The active ingredients stimulate fibroblasts, enhance the synthesis of type I, III, and IV collagen and polysaccharides (such as hyaluronic acid), promote eye collagen regeneration, significantly smooth eye lines, and tighten eye contours. Contains unique reflective particles, instantly fade dark circles and reduce eye fatigue.

Active ingredients:
. Pure Marine Collagen. compaction factor. Pentapeptide Acid. Hexapeptide

Main functions:
. Reduce eye fine lines and expression lines. Tighten the eye contour. Improve tired appearance such as dark circles and bags under the eyes

How to use: Use in the morning and evening, gently apply on the eye area with ring fingertips until fully absorbed.
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