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Aqua Repair

Aqua Repair

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Aqua Repair

Capacity: 30ml

Main functions:
‧Contains the patented ingredient - Hydreïs, which can solve 3 problems of injured skin at one time:.
‧Can promote the healing and repair of skin wounds.
‧Relieve skin discomfort (also suitable for sunburned skin).
‧Anti-inflammatory and prevent skin inflammation (also suitable for sensitive skin).
‧Contains Niacinamide, its molecular weight is only 122, it is very easy to penetrate the stratum corneum and be absorbed by the skin.
‧Multiple functions of anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing, moisturizing, whitening, anti-yellowing, oil control, and shrinking pores.
‧It is quickly absorbed by the skin after being pushed open, and it is very refreshing, not sticky or greasy.

Product Features:
Soothes, moisturizes and improves skin barrier function.

How to use: Please shake well first, use it twice a day, after washing your face and lotion, take an appropriate amount, apply it evenly on the face and massage until absorbed.
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