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Eye lift-ox (Anti-Wrinkle And Anti-Dark Circles)

Eye lift-ox (Anti-Wrinkle And Anti-Dark Circles)

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Botox-like firming and anti-dark circle eye cream (customer size)

Capacity: 15ml

Active ingredients: Contains a variety of patented formulas such as binary iron ion metabolite R, sodium lactate silanol R and other precious ingredients such as grape polyphenols, phospholipids, shea butter, vitamins C and E.

Main functions: The patented formula can effectively dilute eye pigmentation, improve eye lymphatic drainage, promote collagen proliferation, and improve wrinkles and skin sagging. Continuous use can reduce the pigmentation of eye bags by up to 60%.

How to use: After cleansing the face every morning and evening, apply Botox-like Firming and Dark Circle Eye Cream Essence on the affected areas such as the center of the eyebrows, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and the end of the eyes. It will be more effective if used in conjunction with botulinum-like grape polyphenol series products.
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