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Brightening Peel Bosster Content

Brightening Peel Bosster Content

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B5 Moisture Matte

Capacity: 50ml

Especially for pigmentation problems / uneven skin tone / photoaging

Snow White Brightening Skin Peeling Penetrant contains uniquely formulated phytic acid, which makes phytic acid more targeted to repel melanin and block the production of melanin during the skin peeling process; at the same time, it effectively fights free radicals, not only can focus on anti-oxidation, but also play a role Optimum skin whitening and brightening effect. The glycolic acid with the smallest molecular weight is used in the cream, so that it can accurately weaken the adhesion of the stratum corneum, restore the skin keratinization process to the best state, improve the regeneration of muscle bottom cells and self-water retention, smooth rough skin, and restore Moisturizing and brightening skin.

Active ingredients:
· Glycolic acid 10%
· Phytic acid 2%
· Centella asiatica extract

· Reduce melanin production and fight free radicals · Even and brighten skin tone · Reactivate the regeneration of muscle cells · Improve skin's self-hydration function

How to use: After cleansing at night, apply to the dry face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

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