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Micellar Biphasic

Micellar Biphasic

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Double effect cleansing cleansing water


Double-effect cleansing cleansing water integrates cleansing, makeup removal and moisturizing in one, and the formula adds water and oil to cleanse

Microparticles (micelles), using amphiphilic molecular microcell technology to wrap the water purification particles with sunflower oil, can completely remove makeup, dirt and oil, and provide deep moisturizing effect at the same time. The texture is refreshing and moisturizing without stickiness, and it does not feel tight after use , non-irritating, non-clogging pores, bringing a water-oil dual-soluble makeup removal experience to the skin.

Active ingredients:
‧Water and oil cleansing particles ‧Sunflower oil ‧Trehalose

Main functions:
‧Thoroughly removes makeup, dirt and oil ‧Provides deep moisturizing ‧No need to rinse
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