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Phytobiotech Instant Lifter

Phytobiotech Instant Lifter

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Phytobiotech Instant Lifter


Specially formulated with the most advanced natural ingredients for instant skin lifting and wrinkle reduction. And the effect can last for several hours, while meeting the needs of different customers:
• Confidence Guarantee: Passed safety and efficacy verification, absolutely reliable • Significant and rapid effect: Immediate lifting and lightening effect • Light texture: cool and comfortable touch, penetrates quickly, and no sticky, sticky, tight discomfort • Men For women

The formula is natural and multi-effect, using advanced natural polymers such as gum and bean gum to exert immediate lifting effect. It is also rich in hyaluronic acid, glycerin and organic white wormwood extract (natural antioxidant), which can effectively moisturize, smooth the skin, beautify the contour and remove free radicals.
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