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Phytobiotech Skin Repair Complex

Phytobiotech Skin Repair Complex

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Gold Supreme Repair Cream


Gold Supreme Repair Cream is a supreme product specially developed for the care of traumatized and weak muscles.
Select active natural biochemical ingredients such as azelaic acid derivatives, dextran, natural vegetable oils, plant sphingosine and various herbal extracts, which are safe and effective. Care for irritated and sensitive skin, rebuild vitality and luster.
It is suitable for men and women of any age, and can play a highly effective sensitivity repair

The main function:
• Powerful repair surgery and post-traumatic or acne recovery and sunburned skin • Soothes and soothes, prevents infection, reduces redness, promotes wound healing, fades scars

Test confirmed*:
• *After 48 hours, it still exerts super anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects • *After 72 hours, the combined force of cellular proteins is up to 56%, promoting wound healing and regeneration • *In the case of injury (trauma/acute/chemical/physical or chronic), This product can prevent tissue necrosis or allergies, repair damaged cells, and increase the synthesis of extracellular matrix
*According to the human fibroblast test conducted by the Applied in cellular Biology and Toxicology Laboratory affiliated to INT.EGRA "Comprehensive Product Management and Certification Institute" in Italy
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