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Premium Hyaluronic Oil

Premium Hyaluronic Oil

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Premium Hyaluronic Oil

Capacity: 30ml

Deeply hydrating face oil formulated with natural hyaluronic acid to effectively bind moisture into a glowing complexion. Its other main purpose is to firm and tone the skin, while also improving elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.

Active ingredients: unique formula. Contains the trademarked "Primal Gold" active ingredients, simply oil-soluble hyaluronic acid (PrimalhyalTM Gold), organic jojoba oil and synthetic silk oil.

Main functions: Oil-soluble hyaluronic acid can reach the bottom layer of the skin, strengthen the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and its production, maintain the balance of water and oil in the skin, super moisturize and lock water, increase elasticity and reduce wrinkles, and can more anti-inflammatory and promote wound healing heal. The texture is light, fine and not greasy. After use, the skin has a silky touch or feeling, smooth and delicate.

How to use: After cleansing and toning the skin at night, take 1-2 drops and mix it into the face cream and apply it on the face and neck, or take 2-3 drops and massage the face and neck directly, and then apply a suitable cream. Suitable for dry dehydrated, combination or oily skin.
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