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Pixel Clinical

Super Healo

Super Healo

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Super Healo

Capacity: 30ml

9.9 out of 10 girls have received laser treatment, but after each treatment, the skin tends to become dry and sensitive! Therefore, after the laser treatment, it is very important to use post-op skin care products. If the post-op care is not done well, the skin after laser treatment is particularly prone to darkening.
Pixel Clinical’s Super Healo is mild in nature and has soothing effects such as anti-allergy and anti-inflammation. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin after irritation

‧Suppresses inflammation and further relieves redness and swelling
‧Let the skin produce natural moisturizing factors ‧Strengthen the skin epidermal barrier function and prevent skin dehydration ‧Effectively relieve the symptoms of marks, swelling, redness and itching caused by dryness

How to use: Please shake well, use it twice a day, after washing your face and lotion, take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the face and massage until absorbed.
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