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Delicate Cleansing Cream

Delicate Cleansing Cream

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Gentle anti-allergic cleanser

Capacity: 6oz / 170g

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, it gently cleanses dirt from the face. The active ingredients comfrey plant extract and jojoba oil provide sufficient moisture to the skin, nourish and repair fragile skin.

Applicable skin: suitable for sensitive skin and post-treatment repair

Active Ingredients: Bio Copper, Comfrey Plant Extract, Licorice Plant Extract, Jojoba Oil

• Powerful anti-allergic and anti-oxidant formula, soothes the skin and evens the skin tone • Conditions and protects the skin, blocking environmental pollutants • Cleanses while strengthening the skin's natural barrier function, promoting the skin's water-oil balance

Usage: Use in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount of cleanser evenly on the face, massage gently and then wash off with water, avoiding touching the eyes.
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