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AQU Extreme Hydrating Serum

AQU Extreme Hydrating Serum

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Azurite Seaweed Moisturizing Essence

Capacity: 50ml

Efficacy: This essence contains rich, concentrated and deep moisturizing nourishment, which helps the skin to quickly hydrate and shape the skin, leaving the skin refreshed and healthy immediately. Its silky lightness provides soothing and moisturizing effects, Icelandic seaweed extract is rich and nourishing, and the active complex agent can provide skin deep and epidermal nourishing and moisturizing effect within 24 hours. Efficacy: Moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, softening, etc.

How to use: Morning or night, apply this essence on the face and neck, gently press until fully absorbed.

Remarks: Can be used every morning or evening
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