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Grape Juice

Grape Juice

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Grape Juice

Capacity: 200ml

Applicable skin: suitable for any skin.

Active ingredients: glycerin, grape extract, lactic acid, seaweed, glucitol, serine, allantoin, urea, and UV filters.

Main functions: Contains a variety of powerful moisturizing and anti-oxidant ingredients. Quickly moisturizes, enhances cell vitality, fades wrinkles, soothes and calms, fights inflammation and relieves itching, and restores youthful, radiant and charming skin.

1) After cleansing every morning and evening, spray an appropriate amount of grape polyphenol essence, pat until absorbed, and then apply cream.
2) Infiltrate the compressed mask paper with the grape polyphenol essence, apply it on the cleansed face and wait for five to ten minutes, which can improve the moisture and resistance of the skin.
3) Used together with the grape polyphenol series, it can enhance and enhance its therapeutic effect.
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