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Grape And Seaweed Bath Salt

Grape And Seaweed Bath Salt

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Grape And Seawees Bath Salt

Capacity: 12units X 25g

Main ingredients: orange acid, grape seed extract, Breton brown algae and fucus.

Main functions: Eliminate fatigue and decompress, moisturize and firm the skin. And can help the body detoxify and enhance skin immunity. The smell is pleasantly aromatic. Skin feels refreshed and soft after bathing.

How to use: First adjust the water temperature of the bathtub to 36-37 degrees Celsius, then spread a pack of grape polyphenol spa bath salt evenly in the bathtub, and then take a bath. When the bath salt is combined with water, some air bubbles will be produced, and the air bubbles can produce a gentle massage effect in contact with the skin.
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