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Phytocell Harmonizer

Phytocell Harmonizer

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Phytocell Harmonizer


Contains high-concentration red grape seed stem cell culture. The scientific name of this grape is Gamay, which is an ancient and precious red wine grape (the main red grape in France).
Gamay is renowned for its ultra-concentrated high-quality grape polyphenols. Grape polyphenols can efficiently scavenge free radicals, and it is also a natural and safe sunscreen.

Camry grape seed stem cell culture exerts the following functions of removing spots and activating muscles:
• Protects against sun damage, highly effective anti-oxidation • Strengthens skin stem cells • Improves skin's ability to resist UV rays

The formula also adds top anti-freckle ingredients:
α-arbutin (its whitening effect is 9 times stronger than β-arbutin commonly used in the market), water sprout stem cell culture (inhibits the production of "melanocyte-stimulating hormone" MSH and blocks the formation of hormonal spots), rhododendron and other natural plants such as Extracts of licorice and cucumber can inhibit the activity of melanocytes and effectively fight off the pigmentation caused by sunlight, aging and hormones.
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