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Phytocell Whitintense Serum

Phytocell Whitintense Serum

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Phytocell Whitintense Serum


Integrating new and top spot-removing active ingredients, it exerts excellent spot-lightening and whitening functions.
The formula contains two unique plant ingredients: α-arbutin (its whitening effect is 9 times that of β-arbutin commonly used in the market) and watercress sprout extract. The two work together to exert a synergistic effect, effectively inhibiting melanin production and quickly brightening the skin.

Supreme Energy Anti-Spot Essence uses brand-new ingredients (without facial acid and hydroquinone) which are safe and very effective:
• Efficiently inhibit tyrosinase, stop the growth of melanin • Inhibit the production of "melanocyte-stimulating hormone" MSH, block the freckles caused by hormones • Promote cell metabolism • Anti-oxidation and anti-yellow gas • Moisturizing

Supreme Energy Anti-Spot Essence has passed the test, and its anti-spot and whitening effect is as high as 56%. It has no toxicity and side effects, is highly compatible with cells, and can activate cell metabolism as high as 16.8%.
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