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Phytocell cream

Phytocell cream

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Supreme Energy Revitalizing Cream


The texture is light, fine and comfortable, it can instantly penetrate, enhance skin energy, quickly repair free radical damage, and make skin soft, bright and firm.
The formula is concentrated and rich in active ingredients such as alpine rose stem cell culture, multivitamins, pollen extract, olive oil, lecithin, wheat germ and soybean oil and phytosphingosine.

The Supreme Energy Activating Cream adds other active ingredients to make the skin have a more tenacious vitality than alpine roses, high-efficiency anti-oxidation and rejuvenation, first aid for traumatized skin:
• Accelerate epidermal regeneration, rebuild healthy and firm skin • Reduce wrinkles, strengthen fibrous tissue, and repel aging • Strengthen skin barrier, resist environmental and free radical damage, repair soft and bright skin • Promote metabolism, make skin bright and bright
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