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Phytocell Booster

Phytocell Booster

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Phytocell Booster


Supreme Energy Regenerating Essence

Incorporating brand-new bioengineering technology, the product exerts the strongest immediate and continuous anti-wrinkle effect, and the skin instantly regains youthfulness, firmness, plumpness and plumpness.
The formula has fine molecules, can penetrate immediately, and is rich in magic apple stem cell culture and other active ingredients including oligopeptide-5, hyaluronic acid, cyclodextrin, allantoin and urea.

The supreme energy regeneration essence formula is added with other active ingredients, so that the skin has the evergreen power like a magic apple, injecting "the source of youth" and activating the regeneration of dry skin:
• Activate the renewal power of skin stem cells to restore young and tender skin • Improve skin elasticity and beautify facial contours • Reduce the depth and length of wrinkles, strengthen the integrity of the 3D three-dimensional scaffold structure, and make the skin plump and plump

Test tube tests have confirmed that Magic Apple Stem Cells can induce skin primordial stem cells to rejuvenate (CFE) 92%.
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