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Collagen Fleece Masks

Collagen Fleece Masks

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Collagen Fibrinolytic Tablets

Capacity: 5 pcs

Main ingredients: natural bovine serum collagen tissue fluid filtered GAMMA-ray disinfection, freeze-dried treatment pH value 3.4

Efficacy: This product contains natural bovine serum collagen, filtered and sterilized by Gamma ray, sealed and dried, made into emulsifier, all natural ingredients without preservatives. Collagen is the main element, which provides skin elasticity, firm skin, fights wrinkles, and prevents moisture loss. This product provides instant whitening and firming effects.

How to use: After cleansing, first apply water elastic gel on the face and neck, apply the fibrinolytic tablet on the skin, and use a sponge soaked with tonic water to print on the fibrinolytic tablet until it is completely soaked, and stay for 30 minutes In a few minutes, the collagen will be released on the skin. After the skin absorbs the collagen completely, remove the fibrinolytic tablet without washing, and gently press a little product on the face until it is completely absorbed.

Remarks: It is recommended to apply the face once a week
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