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Energy C Eye Contour

Energy C Eye Contour

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Energy C Eye Contour

Capacity: 15ml

Especially for dark circles

Infuse energy into the fragile eye skin, strengthen the natural protective barrier function, and prevent eye skin aging. The high concentration of energy C can help promote blood circulation, thereby diluting and preventing dark circles; combined with active ingredients that can stimulate collagen proliferation and repair elastin fibers, it can keep the skin around the eyes plump and delay the appearance of eye lines.

Active ingredients:
·Energy C
·Biosilicone ·Elastin

Main functions:
Lighten dark circles, brighten eye skin Prevent eye fine lines and crow's feet Strengthen eye microvascular tissue from damage

How to use: Use in the morning and evening, gently press the skin around the eyes with ring fingertips to fully absorb.
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