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Pixel Clinical

Instant Push-Up

Instant Push-Up

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Instant Push-Up


Capacity: 30ml

Studies have pointed out that the formation of wrinkles is caused by the loss of collagen at the bottom layer. The loss of collagen cells at the bottom layer is much more serious than that on the surface. The continuous loss of collagen leads to a decrease in cell density, and the natural supporting force of connective tissue partially disappears, and wrinkles continue to form. The loss of underlying collagen is due to shrinkage, damage (UV), and saccharification that make the connective tissue hard and inelastic!
Collagen density and muscle relaxation are equally important for skin firmness and relaxation. Pixel Clinical’s Instant Push-Up is the first to introduce a dual-effect skin tightening formula. Lipobelle Soyaglycone increases collagen density. On the other hand, the award-winning ingredient SYN-AKE effectively relaxes muscles , instantly release wrinkles, make every inch of your face sexy

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