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Wrinkle No More

Wrinkle No More

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Wrinkle No More

Capacity: 30ml

Applicable skin: suitable for all skin, sensitive, aging skin, skin erythema, rough skin

Active ingredients: CM-Glucan﹑hyaluronic acid

CM-Glucan is a patented element that can really enhance skin immunity, and it belongs to polysaccharides. Therefore, it has a strong power to link other polysaccharides, such as aloverose and hyaluronic, so that the skin has greater benefits. CM-Glucan activates the immune cells of the skin, possesses antioxidant properties and acts as a free radical scavenger.

Main functions: reverse allergy
‧Improve skin repair and protection ability
‧Super anti-oxidant effect, protected from ultraviolet rays
‧It has the effect of rebuilding the skin and reducing rough skin
‧Anti -wrinkle effect, making skin smooth and shiny
‧Repair skin and help wounds heal

How to use: Use in the morning and evening. Shake the concentrated essence before use to achieve balance. Take out the dropper, suck lightly in the bottle, then drop two to three drops on the face and neck, and massage gently. After the skin is fully absorbed, you can continue to use other products.

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