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Ultra Firm

Ultra Firm

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Ultra Firm

Dissolving capacity: 30ml

Active ingredients: creatine, inositol (vitamin B8), "bio-enhancing agent" (TightenylTM).

Main function: It has dual effects, can effectively improve skin elasticity and brighten skin tone. Penetrates cells quickly, provides energy, activates cells, comprehensively enhances skin firmness from the inside out, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, and makes skin soft, bright and youthful. *According to the test of the developer Givaudan's Research & Development, "bio-enhancing agent" (TightenylTM) can integrate the skin structure from the inside out and can see obvious results within two weeks. *

How to use: It can be used in conjunction with skin care. After cleansing and exfoliating, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the required parts, gently press until absorbed or mix it with "Rejuvenating Massage Gel". Essence for use

Advice: keep away from children, do not touch eyes, if you are sensitive after use, please stop using
Warning: Keep away from children. Stop using if imitation occurs
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