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Fermete PP

Fermete PP

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Cell Repair Essential Oil

Capacity: 30ml

The humidity in autumn and winter is relatively low, and the moisture in the skin is easily sucked away, so the skin becomes dry, tight and itchy. Therefore, moisturizing must be replenished at the same time, so that the moisture can be locked in the skin, and the skin will be soft and moist bright. Fermete PP cell repair essential oil, added PadinarmiR . Kalpariane, apricot kernel oil, mangosteen seed oil, borage oil and evening primrose oil in the formula

‧Deeply moisturizes the skin to achieve water-oil balance ‧Effectively promotes the self-repair function of cells ‧Especially suitable for dry and severely dehydrated skin ‧Easily absorbed by the skin

How to use: Please shake well, use it twice a day, after washing your face and lotion, take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the face and massage until absorbed.
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