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Cholley Anti-Aging Tonic Lotion

Cholley Anti-Aging Tonic Lotion

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Royal Revitalizing Essence

Capacity: 200ml

Ingredients: glycerin, cucumber, bearberry, oligopeptide-5, vitamin PP, spinach and horsetail.

Efficacy: Moisturizing and rejuvenating skin, calming and anti-inflammation, lightening and firming skin, removing redness and swelling, relieving allergy and microvascular congestion symptoms. And can eliminate fatigue and reduce stress, improve absorption.

How to use: After cleansing every morning and evening, gently smear on the face, neck and chest. It can be used together with other facial care products of Manshi for better results. Suitable for all skin types, especially for tired and hypoxic skin. Also suitable for eyes.
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