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Mattifix Solution

Mattifix Solution

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Mattifix Solution

Capacity: 30ml

Main Ingredients: Talc︑Glycerin︑Titanium Dioxide︑Dalbergia Bark︑Salicylic Acid︑Silicon Dioxide︑Sunflower Oil︑Sea Water︑Lent Bean Leaf Oil︑Saphid Seed︑Chlorella︑Oleanolic Acid

Efficacy: Patented DPP formula, extracted from Icelandic plant stem cells, helps skin cells resist the aging phenomenon caused by ultraviolet rays, promotes proteasome activation of cell respiration, thereby improving detoxification function, stimulating skin water storage function, and providing immediate moisturizing water Long-term moisturizing effect, vitamin A and E help antioxidant function

, keep the skin healthy, the product has anti-congestion effect, relieves sensitive erythema skin, and has the effects of detoxification and shrinking pores.

How to use: Every morning, apply this cream on the face and neck, gently massage until fully absorbed.

Remarks: Use every morning
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