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Post-Peel Crystal Fiber Mask

Post-Peel Crystal Fiber Mask

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Post-Peel Crystal Fiber Mask

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The latest crystal mask designed by the medical field can promote skin cell renewal, restructure the natural water-locking layer, and at the same time inject water into the deep layer of the skin to restore elasticity. The 3D nanofiber material used in the crystal mask was originally used for medical purposes, ensuring 100% natural, safe and hygienic. The skin-like design of the mask makes it perfectly fit the contours of the face, creating an airtight effect, improving the penetration of active ingredients and preventing moisture from being drawn away

Active ingredients:
. Platinum powder. Hyaluronic acid. Seaweed Extract

Main functions:
. Use after medical skin peeling treatment to help promote skin recovery. Improve skin's ability to lock water, deeply moisturize and enhance skin elasticity. Perfectly adheres to the contours of the face to achieve the best absorption effect

How to use: After taking out the mask, tear off one side of the protective film, and then stick the crystal mask on the face from the forehead down, make sure the position is correct before tearing off the outer protective film. Remove the mask after about 20 minutes, and the remaining essence does not need to be washed, just massage gently with your fingers until completely absorbed.

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