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Refreshing Cleaing Milk

Refreshing Cleaing Milk

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Revitalizing Natural Facial Cleanser (Beauty Salon Pack)

Capacity: 500ml

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No chemical ingredients, natural organic active ingredients, cleans while moisturizing, improves rough skin

product description:
Contains aloe vera and mallow, which can help the skin to sweep away impurities. And it softens, soothes and moisturizes the skin. Soap-free, delicate, smooth and mild to the touch. Deeply cleans the dirt on the face, leaving the skin clean and shiny from the inside out. Keep skin away from dryness, sensitive skin is also suitable for use.

·Moisturizing effect ·Effective anti-inflammation, anti-redness effect ·Cleanses the skin without drying or causing irritation ·Removes makeup thoroughly

main ingredient:
·Raspberry Extract
·Organic Elderberry
·Organic Sweet Almond Oil
·Organic Sunflower Oil
·White Bee Wax
·Natural Glycerin

Suitable for skin:
·Any skin, any person can use it. Especially suitable for sensitive, acne, redness and skin after minimally invasive treatment

How to use: Use it twice a day, take an appropriate amount of facial cleanser to clean and massage the face, then wash off with water.
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